Nashville Children's Choir Spring Concert

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Art Contest Submissions: Peace on Earth

NCC’s Touring Choir performed in Nashville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga this Spring.

Welcome to the 35th season of the Nashville Children's Choir!

We are excited to sing together this year, sharing the beauty and joy of choral music with the world!

Welcome to the Nashville Children's Choir

The Nashville Children’s Choir (NCC) is a regional choir program for young singers that is committed to the rehearsal and performance of quality choral music in a positive and affirming setting.

The NCC program includes four sequenced choirs for choristers in grades 2 through 12 (Preparatory Choir, Concert Choir, Touring Choir, and the Nashville Youth Choir). The choirs are in residence at Belmont University and are part of Belmont Academy, a pre-college music program. More

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I am thoroughly elated to accept the role of Program Director for the Nashville Children’s Choir at Belmont University. I am proud to represent my Alma Mater in continuing to develop the NCC program as a facet of its already sterling music education program. Looking back at all of the professional opportunities and mentors that have been a part of my journey truly culminates in this professional flashpoint making me ready for the challenge. We have an exceptional team and I am looking forward to not only learning from them, but bringing out their best as we make music together.

Tyler Merideth

NCC Program Director and Nashville Youth Choir Assistant Conductor and Collaborative Pianist

I am honored and humbled to lead the NCC program as Artistic Director in a new season. My first exposure to the Nashville Children’s Choir was in the late 90’s. A few of my school chorus students were NCC choristers and Dr. Madeline Bridges had been one of my music education professors at MTSU. When supporting my students, I attended a NCC concert and was inspired to bring that kind of excellence to my classroom. 10 years later in 2009, my oldest daughter joined NCC where she met one of her life long best friends. I am thankful for the tremendous efforts from our Program Directors, Josh Wright and Elaine Bailey as they have led us with grace and consistency through the difficult Covid season. I am very excited for my 14th season with the Nashville Children’s Choir in 2022–2023 . Our fun, talented, and hardworking staff is ready to help the young people of Middle Tennessee lift their voices and make music together.

James Wells

NCC Artistic Director and Touring Choir Director

What keeps me excited about this process of teaching young singers is guiding them to accomplish more than they thought they were capable of, as an ensemble, and individually as musicians. Constant improvement. Never being satisfied, but enjoying the contentment that comes from those magical moments when preparation and effort come together for the synergistic experience that no individual can achieve by themselves. Teamwork. Losing oneself in the group. Oh, and beautiful music helps too. 🙂

Robert King

Nashville Youth Choir Director

Our 2022-2023 season is finally here, and I’m excited to continue my role with the Touring Choir! As we settle in our new sense of normalcy after these past few years, I look forward to bringing back old traditions and creating fresh opportunities for our choristers. I feel blessed to collaborate with such remarkable musicians within NCC, and that includes the choristers as well! I’m consistently inspired by our students and their passion, creativity, and curiosity surrounding the music we make. As a Belmont Alum, I feel proud to come back to campus every Monday and teach the next generation of great musicians. Here’s to a great season— let’s do this! 

Samantha Altmann

Touring Choir Assistant Conductor

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The PREPARATORY CHOIR, an entry-level choir for the young singer, includes students who have the ability to match pitch and have a desire to learn more about singing.  Children at this level have demonstrated an ability to match pitch. They will improve their unison singing skills and begin singing two parts. Score reading is introduced, as well as solfege and rhythmic reading. The Preparatory Choir performs at the December and Spring concerts both separately and jointly with the other NCC choirs.



The CONCERT CHOIR includes choristers who exhibit ability and willingness to sing and who need additional singing experience and vocal training to become part of the more advanced Touring Choir. Children at this level have demonstrated a beginning ability to sing in parts. Note reading and basic score reading are emphasized. The Concert Choir performs at the December and Spring concerts both separately and jointly with the other NCC choirs.



The TOURING CHOIR includes pre-high school choristers with advanced vocal and note reading ability. When a child can sing comfortably in parts, is becoming proficient in vocal technique, and shows evidence of music reading skill, he or she will be eligible for the Touring Choir. The Touring Choir literature is more difficult than repertoire performed by the Preparatory and Concert Choirs, and a greater emphasis is placed on foreign language literature, advanced vocal technique, and accelerated music reading skills. The Touring Choir performs in December and Spring concerts, takes an annual extended weekend spring tour and participates in numerous other performances throughout Middle Tennessee.



The NASHVILLE YOUTH CHOIR is a mixed choir of grades 9-12 and changed male voices. This choir builds on the foundation of the younger choirs and performs three and four-part literature.  Through a foundation of a cappella literature Youth Choir members gain experience in independence of singing. Emphasis is placed on the ability to hold pitch, unsupported by an instrument, and to develop an ensemble sound through uniformity of vowels and tone production. The Youth Choir performs at the December and Spring concerts both separately and jointly with the other NCC choirs.